The Positive Buzz Is Really Picking Up With These Chicago Bears


There’s still a long ways to go before training camp and the preseason arrives. Until then fans are slaved to the smallest of blurbs offering any Chicago Bears buzz they can get their hands on. Historically the organization has one of the stricter media policies in the NFL, and it makes for extreme difficulty in terms of getting information on which players are standing out.

Thankfully there is a certain undercurrent of sources that offer small snippets here and there. Collect enough of them and a picture starts to form. With OTAs and minicamp practices complete, there is indeed a collage taking shape. Certain names who are off to a good start, a number of them unexpected. That’s exactly the sort of good news this team needs in what could be a pivotal season for the coaching staff.

It starts with one of the more shocking names on the list.

Deon Bush

The Bears are eagerly hoping one of their young safeties draft over the past two years starts to step up and reach for the starting job. Adrian Amos and Harold Jones-Quartey have failed in their attempts. Now it seems an unexpected name is gaining ground in the form of ex-4th round pick Deon Bush. There are rumblings that his execution on the field has picked up considerably during practice. Belief is he might be getting a big assist from the presence of veteran Quintin Demps, recently signed as a free agent in March.