Adam Shaheen Offers Some Quirky Mitch Trubisky Details On NFL Network


It’s apparent to everybody that the Adam Shaheen Mitch Trubisky bromance is without question the biggest of the 2017 Chicago Bears offseason. The team chose to room the two together. Not surprising since they’re the second and first round picks respectively. Not to mention the underlying hope that Trubisky ends up throwing touchdowns to Shaheen in the future. It’s a great way to form a connection early.

As it turns out the young tight end is already starting to learn some interesting and usual details about his new teammate. He explained as much during an interview on Good Morning Football, a popular show on the NFL Network. Of course the hosts started out talking about his progress in practice and of course his infamous infatuation with loaded burritos.

Then the conversation turned to his impressions on Trubisky. Surprisingly, Shaheen unloaded a few interesting details about the Bears’ new quarterback.

A deep-rooted interest in organization. A lover of country music.  A persistent dedication to his old car. Certainly sounds like Trubisky is a pretty laid back guy with a core of certain interests. A true throwback of faith, family and football. Maybe not the most interesting for the TV cameras but certainly the type of guy who was built to have success in the NFL.

This is great news for Bears fans. It’s also good that Shaheen is picking up on these same habits. They’re almost certain to help him in the long run. All things being equal, Chicago got a couple of pretty unique dudes with their first two draft picks.