You Know You Want To See Jordan Morgan Go Yokozuna on this Defender

jordan morgan block

A Jordan Morgan block that deserves an entire article of recognition? It must be pretty special. Well given this time of year it’s at least something enjoyable for Chicago Bears fans to watch until the actual action is able to get going in July and August. That is what this clip is all about. Reminding people that the team may have found another gem in the fifth round. Just one year after Jordan Howard no less.

After all they do have the same first name Coincidence? Not possible. In all seriousness Dan Durkin did some in-depth work on the new Bears guard for The Athletic. Coaches helped guide him to this snippet involving one of the best and most well-executed blocks Morgan achieved during his time at Kutztown. Durkin explained the layout.

“Morgan is leading the way on a screen. Once he engages with the defensive back, he drives him all the way to the sideline before finishing with a pancake. I guarantee this play was celebrated in film study sessions.”

Word is Morgan started to draw NFL attention over two years ago. His quick feet, long arms and nasty disposition told teams he might be able to play with the big boys. The Bears got even more confirmation in that regard at the Senior Bowl. Their coaches ran the North Squad during that week and Morgan was one of the offensive linemen on the depth chart. He performed rather well in drills.

Seeing clips like this reinforce that he has much of what Chicagoans love in their players. A sheer desire for not only winning but physically dominating an opponent. Even crushing him into the dirt if need be. He should fit right in and may have a bright career ahead if he develops as hoped.