The Real Explanation Why Official Blackhawks Jerseys Are On Sale Everywhere


Blackhawks jerseys are always a hot commodity around Chicago and prices are plummeting. I’m talking about officially licensed NHL jerseys and not the ones “a guy you know can get for $40 with a fight strap, so you know it’s legit.”

It seems odd for one of the best selling jerseys in the league but there is reason. We’ll get to that, but first the deals.

Deals started a couple months ago at the Blackhawks Store and sports retailers with 40% off. Now, the Blackhawks Store is offering a buy one get one free deal. You can also find online deals for as much as 65% off. With deals that good you’d better hurry if you want a good player, or else you’ll have to choose between Rozsival or Jurco.

The truth is, it’s not just Blackhawks jerseys that are on sale. It’s every team’s Reebok team apparel.

The reason this is all happening is because of the apparel deal the league signed with Adidas in September 2015. NHL players will no longer wear Reebook uniforms and the switch will be made to Adidas starting in the 2017-2018 season.

As a result, retailers need to clean out their Reebok inventory to make way for the new Adidas gear. Fans quick enough to get to the stores can reap the benefits of getting their favorite player’s jersey on the cheap.

I’m happy everyone has a chance to buy a legit jersey for a good price but I’m concerned about the future looks. Commissioner Gary Bettman said that the jersey designs are important to the “fabric of the game” and should not change.

That was almost comforting but the World Cup of Hockey in 2016 was the first showing of what Adidas is capable of. I’d have to say the looks were great until you saw their three stripes riding down the sides of the jersey.

I know makers have had their marks on jerseys for a long time but the Blackhawks jersey is one of the best in sports. It would be a damn shame to have it altered or ruined by huge corporate branding.

Below is a conversation I had on Twitter when Adidas Hockey chimed in.