Ed Olczyk’s Name Hits Coaching Rumor Mill Again


Every so often Ed Olczyk’s name is tossed around in coaching rumors and it is happening again. The latest would be for a position in Buffalo, as mentioned on Hockey Night In Canada a couple weeks ago. Elliote Friedman of Sportsnet in Canada mentioned it in his latest “30 Thoughts” column, along with some other spots.

Olczyk has mentioned that he would like to coach again as recently as 2014 when he told the Chicago Sun-Times, ‘‘There is still an emptiness,’’ he says. ‘‘There are very few people who know my desires and my feelings of where I am and where I want to get to, but there’s certainly an aspiration there. So if it would present itself, that’s where I would want to go. It might not happen. Who knows? What I wanted to do back in ’03 is where I’d like to go if I got the opportunity.’’

If you’re unaware, Olczyk coached the Pittsburgh Penguins back in the early 2000s. His first team in 2003-2004, burdened with financial restraints, finished last in the NHL with a 23-47-8-4 record. They were 12-5-3-0 in the last 20 games and Olczyk felt his team learned a lot from him.

Olczyk returned in 2005-2006 after a lockout the previous season. This time around, expectations were high with Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux. Poorly allocated money to other players led to a bad start and his eventual firing.

No one knows what kind of coach Olczyk may have become as a coach but he is now considered one of the best analysts in hockey. He has even said himself that “At the end of the day, I’m a coach by trade who happens to have a microphone.”

Friedman tossed out the opening in Rockford as a possible landing spot for Olczyk. This may not be crazy because it would give him the opportunity to stay with the organization he dearly loves.

It sure sounds like Edzo has some unfinished business in his mind and would consider coaching again if he felt it was the right fit.