On This Day: Glenallen Hill Put A Baseball On Top Of A Rooftop


17 years ago today, Glenallen Hill hit one of the most memorable home runs in Wrigley Field history. On May 11, 2000, Hill absolutely crushed a ball that ended up on top of a Wrigley Field rooftop…across the street. The bomb was estimated to travel over 500 feet which easily puts it in the top five longest home runs in Wrigley Field history.

Hill played five seasons with the Cubs and slashed a respectable .304/.360/.546 on the North side. Every time I see this footage of Hill’s home run, I’m always blown away at two things: the distance the ball traveled and the unbelievable tightness of Hill’s pants. I mean, seriously, how do you even move in those things?

Hill’s 500-foot home run falls right in the middle of baseball’s “steroid era” and heĀ later admitted in 2008 that he was indeed on the juice.

Hill’s Rookie Year (1989)
Hill (1998)

Since the league didn’t implement league wide PED testing until 2003, I’m pretty sure most of baseball was on the juice so I’ll give Glenallen (and another famous Cub who happened to wear number 21) a steroid pass.

Because without the ‘roids, I’m pretty sure Hill couldn’t have hit a baseball on top of a goddamn roof top.