Bulls Get Obliterated On Twitter For Posting Michael Carter-Williams Highlight Video


You know what sucked the most out of the Michael Carter-Williams trade? Tony Snell, the same Tony Snell who once played 28 minutes and recorded zero stats and who was awful for the Bulls, actually improved and made an impact for the Milwaukee Bucks. Of course that would happen to the Bulls and meanwhile they got MCW, who was baaaaaaaaaaaaad. On Wednesday, Bulls fans were reminded of MCW’s biggest moments from this season and let’s just say the reaction wasn’t pretty.

Here’s the thing, team accounts on Twitter can’t just go dark in the offseason. Social media, kinda a big thing nowadays, so you have to keep that fan interaction going. So, this week the Bulls have been posting the biggest moments for their players, starting with Jimmy Butler, you know just recapping the season. And boy did Twitter unleash some fire on the Michael Carter-Williams post.

You can’t blame the reaction either. The front office is the most hated thing in the city, so any chance fans get to roast John Paxson and Gar Forman they will. Poor MCW was just caught in the cross fire.

This was my favorite response because it’s pretty accurate to an actual MCW play.

All Bulls fans can do is laugh because we have no fucking hope with this front office, so we wallow in our misery. However, there was one person who wasn’t laughing.

Rough day for MCW.

Hey, at least he’s not the point guard of the future for the Bulls. That’s Cameron Payne!