The 5 Rules of Ryan Pace 1st Round Drafting To Not Forget

ryan pace first round

Ryan Pace first round drafting strategy can be a tricky beast. The Chicago Bears GM always does a fine job each offseason of throwing everybody off the scent. By adding several free agents each month preceding the draft, it becomes almost impossible to identify the position and players they’re certain to target. Given how prickly this regime is about secrecy that shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Learning is difficult when the teacher wants the lesson kept secret. Pace freely admitted on a number of occasions that he does this. It’s just part of common draft strategy. The less other teams know about his intentions, the better his odds of getting a player or trade value he desires. Understandable if still a bit annoying. As fans everybody craves information about the favorite team. So here’s the question for the thousandth time.

Who is the Ryan Pace first round target?

Several experts have come forth with the popular names like Jonathan Allen or Jamal Adams or one of the top quarterbacks. All for their own perfectly logical reasons. However, some of them aren’t taking the rules into account. What are the “rules”, you ask? Think of them as the guidelines that each of the previous two first round picks the Bears have made follow.

Here are all five of them and why they must be taken into account.