Ranking The 2017 Blackhawks Among Biggest Chicago Sports Disappointments


The 2017 Blackhawks hoped to make history, just not this kind. The kind that puts them among theĀ greatestĀ Chicago sports disappointments ever.

Considering how spoiled the city has been over the past few years with the Hawks’ run of Stanley Cup success and the Cubs winning the World Series, one had to think something like this was coming. As the saying goes, “You can’t enjoy the sunny days without some rainy days.” Still that doesn’t make this catastrophic defeat any less difficult to stomach.

Then again was it really that bad? The only way to answer that is by putting them up against other memorable teams that should’ve done so much better than they did. Yet for some reason or another they failed. The following is a power ranking that will encompass every single team in Chicago history. Are the Blackhawks the new kings?

Get ready for a surprise.