Jose Quintana Appears On ‘Tonight Show’ To Return The Favor


Adapting to a new environment is no easy task, but learning a new language is a whole different story.

Jose Quintana arrived from Colombia and spoke very little English. At the time, Quintana was playing for the New York Yankees, and while he was there, he would watch the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. It eventually helped Quintana, and he was able to pick up several phrases from the comedian. With the White Sox being in New York, Quintana had a chance to meet Jimmy Fallon and explain to him how his show helped Quintana pick up some English phrases.

“A couple years ago, When i played for the Yankees I watched your show… youre so funny man, so easy for me, So i learned A Couple Words From your shows.”

Jimmy helped Jose with his English, so Jose returned the favor and spent some time with Jimmy teaching him a few Spanish phrases.

After then Spanish lesson, Quintana gave Fallon a White Sox jersey with his name on it to seal the friendship.