Cubs Land Four Players On MLB’s Most Popular Jersey List


When the MLB released their rankings of “most popular jerseys” for the 2016 season, I can’t sit here and act like I was surprised when I saw who was at the top. However, when I saw that the team landed four guys in the top ten list of best selling jerseys, I was a bit shocked.

Granted, the team was in the midst of winning their first World Series in over a century so every Cubs fan (even the bandwagoners) ran to their local stores to buy up any Cubs jersey they could get their hands on.

Hell, I bought two jerseys just during the postseason.

For the second straight season, Cubs superstar Kris Bryant is at the top of the list of best selling MLB jerseys. This doesn’t shock me because even the biggest Cubs-hating fan will tell you that Bryant seems like a pretty nice guy. Pair that with the fact Bryant or Rizzo are probably the only two Cubs players that your traditional bandwagon fans know, so it’s only logical that Bryant is number one and Rizzo is number two.

Here’s the full list.

Strange that the White Sox don’t have any players in the top 20. I’m sure they’re still hanging on to the good ol’ Mark Buehrle jersey from 2005.

Sorry Sox fans, I had to get at least one dig in.