Chicago Bears Mock Draft – Forecasting Multiple Scenarios


The 2017 NFL Draft is approaching. And right now, the Internet is littered with mock drafts from every sports news outlet known to mankind.

Nobody actually has any idea about what teams are really going to do come draft night, but it is pretty fun to read about what different people think will happen and why. No matter how ludicrous the theory.

The Chicago Bears pick third overall, and they’re probably close to finalizing their draft board, if they haven’t already done so. Rumors are flying that GM Ryan Pace loves all of the quarterbacks, all of the defensive backs, all of the defensive linemen, and basically any other football player with a pulse that’s entered the draft.

Because Pace’s intentions are a secret, I took the liberty of mocking a few first round scenarios and taking a stab at guessing whom the Bears might pick in each one. This did not include a potential trade down.

Pick a scenario you like and feel free to add your take on it in the comments section of whichever social media platform you’re reading this on!

Dhruv Koul
Dhruv moonlights as a columnist for Sports Mockery. Football is BAE. But other sports aren't too far behind. Follow him on Twitter: @DhruvKoul