Lambert Mock Draft 1.0: Bears Make Desired Trade


Sports Mockery hasn’t done a mock draft for the Chicago Bears yet this offseason. Part of that was waiting until the picture cleared somewhat. Would Jay Cutler be cut or traded? Would Alshon Jeffery stay or leave? What would they do in free agency? Most of those questions have been answered and therefor it’s becoming easier to see the direction they will likely go.

Thus here it is. The first official SM mock draft featuring a full exploration from the first round to the seventh. Trades are of course included. Nothing too extravagant. Maintaining a degree of sanity is always welcome in such instances. So without further preamble, here is how things get started.

As usual, with the unexpected.

TRADE:  #3 pick to the New York Jets for #6 pick and DE Sheldon Richardson

Why the Jets would do it – New York needs a quarterback in the worst way. Bryce Petty isn’t the answer and Christian Hackenberg has shown zero signs of being a future franchise player. The tricky part is how to entice them to move up. They can’t afford to give up picks. That’s where Richardson comes in. He’s entering the final year of his deal and holds enough trade value to make it work.

Why the Bears would do it – For starters they have a sizable hole on their defensive line at the end position opposite Akiem Hicks. Richardson would instantly fill that. They have the money to give him a long-term extension too. Thus the Bears have a front of Hicks, Richardson and Eddie Goldman. Potentially lethal. It also puts them in a more justifiable position for what comes next.

1st Round via NYJ (pick #6) – Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

Having secured another quality piece for the defense, Ryan Pace is finally free to go after his quarterback of the future. Mike Glennon may be the starter for 2017 but the odds of it staying that way are minimal. Besides, everything about Deshaun Watson says he’s exactly the kind of quarterback Pace loves. He’s a winner (28-2 with a national title in two years). He’s smart, cool under pressure, athletic and revered by teammates for his leadership and toughness. That checks every box Pace said he looks for. One can nitpick the good-not-great arm and streaky accuracy, but he has succeeded everywhere he’s been.