Kyle Schwarber Annihilates Baseball For 3-Run Home Run


Kyle Schwarber is going to be the most menacing leadoff hitter in MLB history this season with the Chicago Cubs. Remember Alfonso Soriano and all of his leadoff home runs? Schwarber is going to be even better.

During Friday’s game against the Chicago White Sox, Schwarber not only started in right field, (I love Joe Maddon) but the future gold glover also launched a three-run missile. Yeah, losing Dexter Fowler hurts, but imagine a full year of Schwarber batting leadoff, with Kris Bryant behind him for protection?

Lock it in, 40 home runs for Schwarber in 2017. Hell, 50 might even happen.

So many pretty swings in this Cubs’ lineup. Pitchers are going to be shitting themselves a lot against the Cubs.