Jose Abreu On The Wrong Side Of The Rebuild

Jose Abreu, White Sox

With the Chicago White Sox in full rebuild mode, they need to try and acquire as many pieces as they can. Not all of them will make a significant impact. In fact, some will be traded in order to acquire pieces, for when they get back into contention, but if developed correctly, expect many of them to have huge success.

In order to be in full rebuild mode, the team must deal away several important assets. We’ve already seen Chris Sale and Adam Eaton traded away. Jose Quintana, Dave Robertson and Todd Frazier have also drawn a lot of interest from other teams, according to some trade rumors. One player I have not mentioned, which can be added to that mix, however, before any deal takes place, is Jose Abreu.

The White Sox need to strongly reconsider the thought of moving Abreu, as not every single player that has trade value needs to go. Some players possess greater value to the team and won’t provide the return necessary to justify the move. The White Sox should not trade Jose and here’s three reasons as to why he needs to be apart of the team that will eventually contend. It will be a tough sell in trying to convince fans to do this, but just hear me out. It’s fun to explore certain ideas and this is one in which White Sox fans need to ponder.

First, he hasn’t been in the league for a long time and is still developing. Secondly, Rick Renteria can help develop Abreu and allow for him to keep his successful level of play consistent because of his past managerial experience. Lastly, probably the most important reason, is that he needs to act as a mentor to the up and coming star, Yoan Moncada.

Jose Abreu might be 30-years-old, but he’s only been in the league for three years. It’s a difficult transition from going from one league to the majors, but it obviously can happen. Over the past three years, Abreu’s numbers have fallen, but that doesn’t mean his play is declining. Players need time to develop, and you need the right coach to develop him. Robin Ventura did not develop his players. You didn’t get much out of them, because of that. When he decided to resign from the team, it left the position open for Renteria, which could prove to be very helpful in the future.

Renteria may not be a household name, but he has managed a Major League baseball team before, and what stands out about that is the way he develops his players. When he was the manager of the Chicago Cubs, you could start to see the strong development and growth of the young and upcoming talent. The year before Renteria took over that position, Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro were benched by Dale Suvem and went through some difficult struggles. Renteria’s purpose, was to successfully develop that young talent, which led to both Rizzo and Castro making an All-Star appearance that year. You also saw significant growth from Javier Baez and Jorge Soler. Although Soler, didn’t turn out as most had hoped, the other three turned out to be really good pieces. Renteria was the one that started out their development and they improved significantly because of it. Now, he has the opportunity to help develop Abreu into a better ball player, because technically, Abreu is still developing. Even if Renteria is not the manager that helps this team reach its highest peak, then he can at least make a significant impact by developing Abreu and the talent that will come up.

Lastly, Moncada needs a mentor to help him develop. If Abreu can help with anything, then it would be helping Moncada not only develop, but helping him adjust to life as a ball player in the majors. If you look at Artemi Panarin of the Chicago Blackhawks, he has made a significant impact at a young age. He has his mentor in Artem Anisimov, who has helped Panarin develop his game, and adjust to life in the league. Moncada needs a mentor, and Abreu fits the bill.

Overall, Abreu can help make a significant impact to eventual contention, but it’s going to take some time and patience. We have to wait and see how it turns out, but there is plenty reasons as to why Abreu can still have success with the White Sox and be significant part of the future.

Doug Schwamb
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