The Bears Have More Leverage For Draft Trade Down Than People Think


The Chicago Bears are in the midst of a dilemma. They have seven picks in the upcoming NFL draft. That is the typical amount every team receivers. Yet this particular class is rich in depth at many positions of need. It would be such a great opportunity if the team could somehow find a way to corral even more picks.

Of course trading off certain players is an idea, but typically that involves names of value. At present the Bears really don’t have any. At least none they could afford to part with. Any expendable players like a Kyle Fuller or Jeremy Langford come with too many question marks. One due to injury and the other lacking production.

Thus if the team really wanted to get extra picks, they’d have to offer up their most valuable offseason asset. The third overall pick in the draft. Such position stands a good chance of landing a top tier talent for any team interested. The problem is few believe there will be much of a market to move up that high. Chicago really has no leverage.

That’s not exactly true though.