Why Some Are Laughing At Bears Fans’ Panic of Losing Alshon Jeffery


The Chicago Bears Alshon Jeffery situation is coming to a head. After failing to reach a long-term contract agreement in 2016, it was hoped the franchise tag might be them time to work something out. As the weeks pass by though, the signs are growing that the 26-year old wide receiver may have played his last season in Chicago.

The Bears seems to think Jeffery isn’t worth top five money, which goes above the $15 million per year mark. His camp seems to disagree. Both sides have their points. When thrown to often enough in a game, Jeffery has that ability to take over drives, quarters and halves out of nowhere. Then again he continues to struggle staying healthy and didn’t help his cause by getting suspended for a PED violation.

Throw in the fact that he wasn’t drafted by GM Ryan Pace and it’s understandable why the two sides haven’t found common ground. Perhaps there may yet be hope for something to get worked out, but the number of doubts are growing. Could this be a colossal blunder in the making for Chicago?