The Most Frightening Chicago Bears Quarterback Prediction Yet

chicago bears

It’s still only February and the Chicago Bears have already been party to several quarterback rumors. Some involve what will happen to their current slate of names from 2016. Will Jay Cutler be cut or traded? Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley will both be free agents. Their returns are questionable at this point. Then of course there is the far more interesting question.

Who will be their guy in 2017 and beyond? Oh the list of names is pretty substantial. New England backup Jimmy Garoppolo tops the list at present, while prominent college prospects Mitch Trubisky and DeShone Kizer are becoming the hot names on the draft market. One must also not discount “other” backup A.J. McCarron or the murky situation with Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo.

Those are all reasonably intriguing scenarios that Bears fans could at least be interested. What nobody has wanted to discuss is the possibility of the team doing something that doesn’t exactly garner universal praise. Something short-sighted and against basic logic. Or at the very least inadvisable.