Pro Football Focus Says Bears Get Jimmy Garoppolo For This Vital Reason

jimmy garoppolo

The Chicago Bears searching for a quarterback is the worst kept secret in America. They’ve technically been doing so dating back decades. The active search though probably began a couple months ago when Jay Cutler ruined his last opportunity. On the heels of a terrific performance against Minnesota on Halloween night, the veteran threw it away in an ugly effort against Tampa Bay two weeks later.

For many that day was the final straw. He played against an average defense with plenty of time to prepare and delivered a forgettable effort. There are those who still stand behind Cutler, but it’s clearer than ever they’re in the minority. Every sign points to the Bears wiping the slate clean with a new starting quarterback in 2017.

All their options are on the table. It’s a matter of finding out which one they’ll go with. The popular route of late is a trade involving New England Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo. Most have heard the story by now:  young, smart, accurate, learned behind best QB of all-time and an Illinois native. It’s an easy sell. The issue is which team has the best chance to get him?