NFL Hands Chicago Bears Their Final Grade For 2016 NFL Draft


Most of the focus lately regarding the Chicago Bears is on the fast approaching free agent period and 2017 NFL draft that will follow on its heels. People really haven’t taken a chance to look back at what the team accomplished. Sure the record and the injuries were hard to swallow, but were there any positives at all?

It was felt back in April that Ryan Pace and his front office had done a solid job navigating the draft. He’d acquired a series of solid athlete and gotten good value for most of their picks. Most grades at the time ranged in the B+ to B range. After several months and a 16-game rookie seasons to digest, has their grade swung in either direction? draft expert Bucky Brooks hands down his final tally for every team in the league, going by division. The NFC North got the full spectrum. Detroit earned a respectable B+. Green Bay had an average C+ and Minnesota pulled a surprisingly poor D. None of them could measure up to the Bears though.