Here’s Why The Bears Won’t Be Making Changes At Offensive Tackle

charles leno

Nobody is saying the Chicago Bears have an elite pair of offensive tackles. Then again most other NFL teams can say the same. In fact a number of those who made the playoffs can say. Including the mighty New England Patriots who set a Super Bowl passing record with Nate Solder and Marcus Cannon on the edge. Neither has ever been to a Pro Bowl in their careers.

Yet when some people talk it’s almost as if Chicago has the absolute worst edge protectors in existence. Sure, Charles Leno and Bobby Massie wouldn’t be the first choices in a total league re-draft but they’d be considered solid mid-round picks an offense can function with. How can one know that?

Simple. The Bears already did it. In 2016. The numbers clearly indicate that this offense is capable of being productive if they get the quarterback position straightened out. That’s with Leno and Massie remaining the starters. No jokes. No misdirections. Simple facts.

Posted by Sports Mockery on Tuesday, June 19, 2018