Chicago Bears Reportedly Have Found Top Draft QB They “Love”

bears draft plan

As has been reported ever since the end of the 2016 season, the Chicago Bears are hunting for their next quarterback. Rumors started flying almost immediately after the regular season ended. Jay Cutler is likely on his way out. Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley are both free agents who may be brought back as depth or veteran “bridge” options. A change is coming. It’s just a matter of from which direction.

Will it be free agency with someone like Tony Romo or even Kirk Cousins? Unlikely but not impossible. The Bears are center stage for discussions about a possible trade. Topping the list of hot names is New England Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo. Given his Illinois ties, that makes plenty of sense. However, with the 49ers and Browns also in hot pursuit (and holding more picks) the odds of Chicago getting him aren’t favorable.

Their best bet for landing an upper echelon talent still lay in the NFL draft. What with them holding the #3 overall pick. Experts continue to indicate that the 2017 class is “weak” at the position, unlike the three previous years. At the same time there is some considerable talent worth mining. It’s all about whether they trust their coaching staff to develop him properly.

Now it seems one name has reached the top of their list.

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