Chicago Bears Quarterback Trade History Is Beyond Eye-Opening

chicago bears quarterback trade history

On the one hand Chicago Bears fans are beyond excited. It marks the first time in eight years the team will in all likelihood go hunting for a new quarterback. At the same time, there are plenty who remain utterly terrified. Few NFL franchises have a worse track record at finding quality quarterbacks than this one.

One Pro Bowl appearance since 1985? One representative in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? It’s really not that hard to understand why this team is no longer considered one of the bedrock franchises in this sport. It has become a league driven by quarterbacks. So nobody will respect a team that has no earthly idea what the good ones look like. Until it’s too late anyway.

Now here they are again, facing their latest end-of-semester exam. Have they learned anything? Based on some strong rumors of what they’re about to attempt, it’s hard to think they have. At least according to what the history says.