WATCH: Ken Griffey Jr. Vs Kenny Lofton In 1993 Dunk Contest


The ’90s were awesome for so many reasons and the Foot Locker Slam Fest was an event that exemplified that. It took the biggest stars of sports from that time and put them in a fun competition. This 1993 first round match-up featured the two best Centerfielders of the era who later went on to play for the White Sox. Ken Griffey Jr and Kenny Lofton.

Both were well known for scaling the walls of the outfield to rob home runs in Major League Baseball but few had seen them on the court. Griffey had the advantage of 4 inches in height but Lofton played for Arizona from 1986-1989. He even appeared in a Final Four. Take a look at the match-up.

Lofton domintated Griffey, who didn’t make a single attempt. It’s probably not the way you thought this encounter would go.

Even though these guys didn’t play in Chicago, here’s a video of Barry Bonds vs. Deion Sanders from 1992 Foot Locker event. I wish events like this and MTV Rock and Jock would make a return.