This Is Why Chicago Must Draft a QB With #3 Pick


The Chicago Bears have four months to figure out what they’re going to do in the upcoming 2017 NFL draft. No doubt it’s going to be the most momentous one in years for this franchise and its fans. It comes on the tail end of a putrid 3-13 finish in 2016 season, resulting in the highest draft slot the team has held (#3) since way back in 1972.

What people want to know is just what GM Ryan Pace plans to do with it. Will he try to add more juice to an already young and talented defense? He’ll have loads of options from pass rushers like Jonathan Allen and Derek Barnett to playmaking safeties like Malik Hooker and Jamal Adams. It would be hard to get angry about that.

Still, one problem remains. What do they do about the quarterback position? Pace himself said it was the single most important issue he has to address this off-season. Chicago may be founded on a legacy of defense, but they haven’t won a championship in over 30 years, and the QB position is the biggest reason why. It’s may be time to stop putting it off, and here’s why that’s the case. (continue to next page from top)