Let’s Look At Jon Lester’s Top 3 Funniest Throws To First Base To Celebrate His 33rd Birthday


The idea of Jon Lester throwing to first base has become somewhat of an oxymoron throughout most of his illustrious career. The three-time World Series champion has had the pitcher version of the “yips” since 2012 that hasn’t allowed him to throw the ball to first base via pick off or simply fielding his position. Thank God Lester’s mental block hasn’t cost the Cubs in the long run but it’s something that Cubs fans have become well aware of.

Lester is also very aware of the issue but gives zero f*cks about his inability to throw to first. As a matter of fact, he sees the humor in it. He tweeted this last month once Major League Baseball’s player’s union and the owners agreed to a new CBA which avoided a lockout.

So my rationale is if Lester can poke fun at himself, I should be able to as well. To wish the Cubs ace a happy 33rd birthday, I created a list of my favorite Lester throws during his time in Chicago but be warned….they’re not very pretty.

Happy birthday Jonny!


3. Lester Bounces One To First

If you noticed during the tail end of his 2016 starts, Lester didn’t even ATTEMPT to field a bunt from an opposing team. Hell, on the biggest stage in baseball, during the biggest game of the season, Lester didn’t want to make an ass out of himself so he let his catcher field Jason Kipnis’ bunt during Game 7 of the World Series.

I was at this game and remember yelling at Lester for not trying to get to the ball. As a result, David Ross threw wildly to first base which eventually let the Indians right back into Game 7.

Then I remembered why Lester doesn’t attempt to field the ball anymore. Coming in at my number three funniest throw from Lester was this gem from April 17, 2016.

I’ll be an optimist and say, “at least he got the out.”

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