Len Kasper And Jim Deshaies Renew Contract With Cubs


The good news just keeps on coming from the North Side.

Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies have renewed their contracts to stay in the Chicago Cubs TV booth through 2019, the team announced on Tuesday.

The broadcast duo has been together since 2013, when Deshaies came over to the Cubs after working in the Houston Astros TV booth. Kasper has been with the Cubs since the 2005 season.

Great news and yes my opinion is obviously bias being a Cubs fan, but Kasper and Deshaies have been ranked near the top of the best broadcast booths in all of MLB. The first year was a little rough, as Len and JD still had to find their flow, but the two gel extremely well and hey when the team is good on the field the broadcasters are that much better.

I still wonder when Kerry Wood decides he wants the Cubs radio job. You know it’s going to happen eventually.

Anyway, Len and JD are back for at least three more years, which is great for Cubs fans.

HOWEVER, can the Cubs do something about Ryan Dempster being in the TV booth?

Ryan Dempster Needs To Be Banned From The Cubs TV Booth

Please? Thanks.