The Last Chicago Bears Safety Drafted in the Top 10 Was a Star

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Considering the importance of the passing game in this modern NFL, it really is remarkable that teams still hesitate to use top draft picks on defensive backs. The Chicago Bears are a perfect example. Not just first rounder, but legitimate top 10 or even top five selections. If this game is about getting the best possible players and a great safety or corner could be the final piece to a puzzle, why risk waiting until later in the draft?

This is most definitely a question the Bears brass will have to ponder going into the 2017 off-season. Their secondary was a regular sore spot all year, contributing to a franchise-worst 11 takeaways. Nowhere was it uglier than the safety position. Adrian Amos, Harold Jones-Quartey, Deon Bush and Chris Prosinski took turns missing tackles, taking bad angles and always appearing late to plays.

The Bears defense hasn’t had a great safety in over 10 years when Mike Brown was still in his prime. Since then they’ve been trying to get by with old free agents and late round draft picks. Unsurprising that it hasn’t worked. Calls are growing louder for GM Ryan Pace to stop screwing around and go get a difference-maker at the top of the draft.

The thing is, Chicago has only done it once in the entire Super Bowl era. It worked out pretty well. (continue to next page from top)