Justin Timberlake Is Draining Halfcourt Shots At The Staples Center

justin timberlake draining halfcourt shots staples center

Justin Timberlake is a man of many talents. He can sing, he can dance, apparently he’s an actor now too.

Go ahead and add “Steph Curry-like range” to his resume. The former *NSYNC frontman and global music icon was hanging out at the Staples Center in Los Angeles earlier today, shooting hoops with some friends. There’s no video evidence of his post up game, but holy cow can he shoot from deep.

Timberlake takes aim from the Lakers logo at midcourt and…wow.

Once could be a fluke, but he drains from halfcourt twice!

Timberlake is known to be an avid hoops fan, and is even a part owner of his hometown Memphis Grizzlies. He has also displayed his talents on an NBA court once before. He played in the 2003 NBA All Star Celebrity Game, surprising the audience with his impressive ballhandling and a decent jump shot.

But these half court heaves take the cake. Say, Justin, are you taking a break from the recording studio? Because the Bulls sure could use your deep ball accuracy this season. That might be a conflict of interests with his Grizzlies ownership, but I’m sure GarPax could find a loophole.

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