Ideal Replacements For Every Lost Chicago Bears Assistant Coach


It appears John Fox is shaking things up for the 2017 season. Not a surprise given the current configuration of his Chicago Bears coaching staff resulted in a 3-13 season, his second-worst ever as a head coach. There is no doubt his job will be on the line and he has to make sure he gets everything right. Otherwise his time in the NFL could be finished.

That starts with finding quality replacements for every assistant coach he has lost. Thus far four of them have departed, some by firing and others by resignation. Running backs coach Stan Drayton was the first to go, accepting a job down at Texas. Offensive line coach Dave Magazu and safeties coach Sam Garnes were the next to fall, being dismissed by the team. Most recently it was outside linebackers coach Clint Hurtt, whose contract wasn’t renewed.

Filling these slots may seem unimportant compared to other off-season objectives, but every move is important at this point. There is zero room for mistakes. So here are some ideal replacement options for Fox to consider. (continue to next page from top)