Five Horrible Statistics Jay Cutler Haters Will Love


#5. Jay Cutler has faced the Packers as a starting quarterback 13 times and thrown an interception in 11 of the games… and multiple interceptions in seven. He has as many wins (2) as he does four-interception games (2).

#4. In 11 seasons, Cutler’s average fantasy ranking is 20th among quarterbacks. He’s never finished one season in the top 10 as a member of the Chicago Bears, did it once in his career.

#3. Cutler ranks 28th in NFL history with 89 career fumbles. That is more than Walter Payton and he had over 3, 800 career carries.

#2. Since joining Chicago, Cutler has never been in the top 10 in the NFL for passing yards in a season. (13th, 17th, 25th, 24th, 23rd, 13th, 19th and 36th)

#1. The only active quarterbacks that have a worst touchdown-to-interception ratio: (backup) Ryan Fitzpatrick, (backup) Derek Anderson, and (third-string) Mark Sanchez.

NOTE: Cutler was the highest paid quarterback in the NFL in 2014.