A Close Look At Deshaun Watson’s Fit With The Chicago Bears


Rest assured after that incredible performance by Clemson to upset might Alabama in the national championship, the Deshaun Watson Chicago Bears talk is going to be rampant. After all they need a quarterback and hold the #3 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. He just proved he can beat a team stacked with pro-caliber talent. Could this young man be the future under center in navy blue and orange?

Well the great news is the team might get a prime opportunity to find out. Watson was given an invitation to attend the Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama later this month. John Fox and his staff will be at that event to coach the North team. It will be a huge chance to meet, talk with and watch Watson up close to see what makes him tick.

The question on the minds of Bears fans will be what exactly can they expect. A good way to explain is by doing a comprehensive breakdown of Watson from a scouting perspective. In this article his game will be examined from both a mental and physical perspective. At the end it may help answer some questions about whether the Bears should write his name on the card when the draft begins in April. (continue to next page from top)