If Chicago Bears Trade Down In the Draft, Watch These Teams


GM Ryan Pace has always said the Chicago Bears will listen to each and every offer sent their way regarding trades during the draft. He certainly lived up to that in 2016. He traded up to get Leonard Floyd at #9 overall in the first round. Then he traded down twice in the second round before selecting Cody Whitehair. Last but not least, he jumped up in the fourth round to grab Nick Kwiatkoski.

This is a man who has shown he has no fear of making trades provided he feels it’s in the best interests of his team. So rest assured he’ll keep an open mind when the Bears go on the clock this April with the #3 overall pick. Normally the top five in any draft is a potential hot bed of activity when it comes to trades. In fact the first and second picks in 2016 were dealt even before the draft began.

Already Chicago fans are announcing their desire for them to move down to collect more picks. It’s easy to say, but far from easy to accomplish. The Bears can’t move down just for the sake of moving down. Compensation must be right. More than that a team would have to be interested in jumping up. If there are any, these will be the ones to watch. (continue to next page from top)