Chicago Bears Icon Set To Join Loaded College Hall of Fame Class

URLACHER JUBILATION/JIM THOMPSON/ JP4/ 10-30-99/ UNM's #44 Brian Urlacher celabrates the fumble recovery of teammate #69 LaMarcus Spillers during the first quarter of the game Sat.night against UNLV.

The Chicago Bears are in the midst of trying to reestablish their pipelines to college football ever since they seemed to run dry about eight years ago. Most of the prospects they’ve drafted in that span haven’t worked out well. Still, there is a tried and true method they could seek to employ that has worked for them plenty in the past.

Why not target players who were highly productive in college? Sure, it doesn’t always translate to the NFL but there are plenty of examples where talented athletes who excelled at the collegiate level carried it right over to the pros. In fact the 2017 College Football Hall of Fame class is the perfect example of this.

This is important to note because Bears fans will recognize one of the faces in this group almost immediately. (continue to next page from top)