New York Columnist Drops Bomb Regarding Jose Quintana Trade Rumors


According to Bill Madden, a New York Daily News columnist, he’s been informed by sources on both sides of this deal “that there’s nothing to these talks, nothing, ” and went on to say the Chicago White Sox actually have “no inclination to trade this guy [Jose Quintana].”

HOWEVER (you knew that was coming didn’t you), if the White Sox were to trade him, they would be looking for even bigger return than what they netted off moving Chris Sale!

Quintana has proven he’s durable, he’s an All-Star and under control for the next four seasons at a maximum cost of $37.9 million. You can’t get frontline pitching much cheaper than that. His peripheral numbers support his status as an upper-echelon pitcher and having thrown over 200 innings for four straight years, he’s every bit as durable as a contending team would be looking for in a top of the rotation ace.

So, what say you…

No Truth To Rumors??