Hawk Harrelson Has Terrible News For White Sox Fans


Ken “Hawk” Harrelson was ready to dial it back a bit a few years ago and reduce the number of games he was going to announce, but then the Chicago White Sox won the offseason in December 2014. That trade for Jeff Samardzija really gave Hawk a lot of hope that the 2015 season was going to be special on the South Side. That backfired and Hawk went through an entire miserable season doing White Sox games. He cut back his time for the 2016 season, only doing road games and it appeared as though Hawk was getting ready to hang it up.

There has been a lot of great news on the South Side since the end of the 2016 season. Robin Ventura was let go, although it was weird, and the front office was allowed to rebuild. Finally. Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox and an absolute robbery of the Washington Nationals for Adam Eaton. Unlike previous years when the White Sox hoped they would be a contender and ended up with losing records, this team is going to lose a lot of games in the next few years because that’s the plan. Remember, Hawk was ‘all in” before the 2015 season because he felt the White Sox were going to win. Then, he reduced the amount of games he did in 2016. So, it must mean he’s ready to retire or maybe reduce his schedule even more, right?

Sorry, here’s the worst news of the offseason for White Sox fans.

Hawk wants to announce White Sox games for… FOUR MORE YEARS!

Via CSN Chicago:

“I’d like to go four more years. I’d like to go to 2020 because that would put me in a category that not many guys have reached.  I know Vin Scully has been there, Don Zimmer, Dave Garcia and maybe a couple others, but if I go to 2020 that would put me in a category of being in baseball for eight decades. And the reason I want to do this is for my grandchildren. That would be nice for them to have a grandfather who was in baseball for parts of eight decades, and if I go to 2020 that would put me in that category.

“Seven is not bad, but eight is something special.”


OK, fine. I’m not a complete asshole. Wanting to do for his grandchildren is cool. Being in the game for eight decades? Pretty cool too. However, that doesn’t mean Hawk isn’t the worst announcer in the game because he is and has been.

What’s even worse is that the White Sox already have a better guy to take over. Jason Benetti was alongside Steve Stone in 2016 for home games and proved to be pretty good. But no, Hawk wants to stick around and continue to make up stories, stats and misinform the audience.

From 2016, Hawk was the primary reason why the away broadcast booth was voted the worst in MLB by FanGraphs.

The White Sox Have The Worst TV Broadcast In MLB

And from 2014, the White Sox broadcast booth was also voted last. 

So, get ready for more “Todd Frazier is equal if not better than Kris Bryant” takes for four more years.

Hawk Harrelson Said Todd Frazier Is Better Than Kris Bryant

But we all know that Hawk is going to retire once Todd Frazier is traded away from the White Sox.

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