Bill Murray Completely Punks Another Celebrity After Game 5 Of The World Series


On a scale of 1-10, I would like to consider myself about a 13 on the “Cubs loyalty” scale. Whether it’s the Cubs tattoos I sport, my basement being littered with Cubs paraphernalia from the past 30 years, or the thousands of dollars that I willingly spend to travel and watch the Cubs year in and year out, it’s safe to say nobody can question where my baseball loyalties lie.

Even though there are millions of Cubs fans that are just as loyal as me, there are very few that I believe could give me a run for my money in terms of ‘Cubs loyalty.’ If I had to choose someone, however, Bill Murray would probably be it.

Murray was present at damn near every postseason game this year and is notorious for catching a Cubs game whenever he’s in town. Just recently, he announced his plans to open a golf themed bar in Rosemont which would give you a good shot to wear one of the sick golf polos from Murray’s line of golf clothing (I suggest the one with the blue pinstripes).

I’ve always known that Murray was a huge Cubs fan but recently a story was released about an absolute SAVAGE move Murray pulled after Game 5 of the World Series which made me respect Murray even more than I already do.

The best part of it?

He completely destroyed the ego another celebrity.

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