This Chicago Bears 2017 NFL Draft Outlook Is Ideal


As if Chicago Bears fans weren’t already aware, their team is not good this year. Massive injury problems combine with conservative coaching has really done them in for 2016. At 1-6 they’re pretty much out of the playoff picture and have shifted focus to 2017. That means draft experts have begun to project what the team could be looking for come next April.

This of course has led to a massive outpouring of mock draft. NFL Spin Zone released one recently they believe perfectly captures what the Bears will need. Here is their list.

  • Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
  • Eddie Jackson (S, Alabama)
  • John Ross (WR, Washington)
  • Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)
  • Dan Skipper (OL, Arkansas)
  • Jalen Hurd (RB, Tennessee)
  • Joshua Dobbs (QB, Tennessee)

There are several problems with that list, clearly indicating it was written by somebody who didn’t do their homework. For starter how there isn’t a single tight end taken or the fact an offensive lineman wasn’t grabbed until the late rounds. Really? Then there is the selection of Deshaun Watson in the first round. Listen, yes Watson is a winner and can put up lots of numbers.

The thing is though he has persistent concerns that make him being a first rounder problematic. For one he continues to be erratic with his accuracy.

Both of those plays should’ve been easy completions and instead were interceptions. Keep in mind Watson is 6’1″. He doesn’t have a height advantage. If he can’t throw accurately then it’s a serious problem. The Bears need a young quarterback, but it should not be him. If they want to have a successful draft in 2017, here is how it should look. (continue to next page from top)