Have you ever shit your pants while playing in a game? That’s what Joe Maddon was trying to avoid seeing Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Brewers.

In the sixth inning, Maddon brought in right-handed reliever Just Grimm, as the Chicago Cubs were tied at one with the Brewers in the series finale. Grimm faced one batter, allowing a single to center field off the bat of Jake Elmore. Then, Maddon came out to check on Grimm, along with the team trainer.

The Cubs have already suffered their share of injuries to bullpen pitchers, losing Hector Rondon, Pedro Strop and Joe Smith during the past month. So, seeing Grimm leave abruptly certainly wasn’t a good sign as the postseason gets closer, especially since he’s been great as of late.

Luckily, Grimm left not because he had some arm injury, he was just sick.

After the game, Maddon got a little more specific about what was wrong with his reliever.

Turns out Grimm could have been on the verge of shitting himself.

Joe Maddon, always looking out for his guys.

Except Jason Hammel, Joe would’ve let him shit all over the place.

That has to be the worst feeling for an athlete, right? You’re out there, in the heat of battle and all of a sudden you feel queasy and boom you have to leave, or you’ll shit your pants in front of tens of thousands of people plus more watching on TV.