Former Cubs Great Destroys Joe West On Twitter


There are very few things that baseball fans can universally agree upon. Beer always tastes better when it’s free, a walk-off is the best way to win a ballgame, and Joe West f*cking sucks as an umpire.

I cringe every single time that West is behind the plate during a Cubs game because the old man has clearly lost his mind when it comes to calling balls and strikes. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with West behind the plate during a Little League game let alone a Major League game with Major League pitching. My feelings are best summed up by this Tweet from last night.

Besides sucking at calling balls and strikes, West is clearly turning into the grumpy old man behind the plate. West publicly complained about the slow pace of a game in 2010 between the Red Sox and Yankees and during last night’s Cubs win, West added another epidsode to the growing list of “reasons why Joe West should retire.”

After Kyle Hendricks lost his no-hitter in the bottom of the ninth last night, Cubs manager Joe Maddon signaled his corner infielders to go to the mound to talk to Hendricks. Everyone knows Maddon did this to buy himself a little more time to get his big gun, Aroldis Chapman, ready in the bullpen.

Apparently, the country-singing West wasn’t a fan of that move and quickly signaled the infielders back to their positions like the moron that he is. Maddon quickly came out of the dugout and this ensued.

West has a long history of run-ins across the league with one of the most famous being his 1991 tossing of Cubs great Andre Dawson. The guy clearly has zero professionalism and Dawson had no problem letting him know it both during, and after, the game.

West’s tossing of Maddon pissed off Cubs fans everywhere, including former great Kerry Wood. After re-tweeting many anti-Joe West tweets, Wood came out swinging at West with the following tweets.

You’re absolutely right Kerry. I think I can speak for baseball fans everywhere when I say, “Please Joe West….retire.”

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