Kyle Hendricks pitched six innings against the Colorado Rockies on Friday night and allowed one run for the Chicago Cubs. Technically speaking, the Cubs’ fifth starter now leads MLB in ERA.

It won’t be official until after the Los Angeles Dodgers finish their game against the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday night, at which point Clayton Kershaw will no longer have enough innings to qualify as the league leader. So, Hendricks’ 2.16 ERA is now the best in baseball.

Just let that sink in. Kyle Hendricks, the No. 5 starter on the Cubs, is the MLB ERA leader.

If you’re wondering why Kershaw won’t be the leader anymore, despite his ridiculous 1.79 ERA, it’s because you have to have at least one inning pitched per game played by your team. The Dodgers will play their 122nd game on Saturday and Kershaw has only pitched 121 innings this season.

It didn’t seem like Hendricks was going to have a good start on Friday because after Dexter Fowler gave him a 1-0 lead with a lead off home run, David Dahl hit a lead off home run off Hendricks. And although he got the next batter, Carlos González doubled, putting Hendricks in a jam.

However, Hendricks quickly settled in and did what he’s done all year long – induce weak contact from hitters. Nolan Arenado popped out to Willson Contreras and then Gerardo Parra struck out.

After that it was another typical Hendricks start. He allowed four hits, walked one and struck out three. Unfortunately the Rockies came back against the Cubs’ bullpen and tied the game at five, so Hendricks got a no-decision and the Cubs eventually lost in extra innings.

Hendricks still has only allowed more than three earned runs in two of his 23 starts this season.

Oh and not only does he lead MLB in ERA, but he also scored the sneakiest run of the year.

Check this out after missing home plate at first.

Gotta love the professor.