Jake “The Snake” Arrieta is a hit with the ladies. Outside of the dominance he shows on the mound, his rugged look appears to attract women from all over the country. ESPN is well aware of this, that’s one of the reasons why they asked Arrieta to appear in their most recent issue of The Magazine, Body Issue 2016.

In the featured photos, a naked Arrieta is seen hurling fastballs in what appears to be a desert …. with his beard, and his naked ass, glistening in the sun light.

Appearing naked in the ESPN magazine is nothing new for athletes, but the attention Arrieta has received from the ladies is quite funny.

The men who saw the article reacted much differently. Again, most people are very familiar with ESPN The Magazine and the naked athletes that appear in The Body issues. There was just something extremely odd about seeing a video of Arrieta pitching butt naked that threw people off.

The jokes kept coming, and are still all over Twitter.

Urban Gameday, a premium tee shirt company in Chicago, designed a pink tee around Arrieta’s appearance in the magazine and ladies have been loving it. The shirt features a silhouette of Arrieta’s naked wind up, complete with the newly popular phrase, “Body by Jake.”


The shirt is actually so popular, Mrs. Arrieta herself tweeted about it asking for one.

It’s fitting that a tee shirt would reference Arrieta’s body simply because his work ethic in the gym is so widely discussed. Due to extremely rare success on the mound, Arrieta has been accused of several different things including the use of PEDs.

Quick to defend him, media outlets in Chicago have posted extensive reports about the reigning NL Cy Young winner’s elite core pilates workouts. With a diet consisting mostly of kale, Arrieta is known for taking extremely good care of himself which is said to have resulted in his success on the the field.

“Beast, ” says his wife, Brittany. “That’s our nickname for him. I would not like to face him if I were a baseball player. You don’t know what’s going through his mind. You can’t even get the guy to flinch.”

“Not everybody can pull off that beard. His back and chest and face are all hairy. We have a werewolf in the family. And it’s like his eyes are locked in on you.”

Have to agree, “beast” is a pretty fitting nickname for Arrieta., but the description of him from his wife sounds like the beginning of a soft porn Twilight movie.

In any case, seeing Jake Arrieta stark naked in ESPN the Magazine has had a lasting effect on Cubs fans in Chicago and produced some pretty funny tweets.

Let’s hope people are remembering him for his pitching in 2016 come October.