Flying a flag over Wrigley field to denote wins is a longstanding tradition, a tradition Cubs fans have supported for decades. With the 2016 team currently leading Major League Baseball in wins, the “W” has been particularly popular this season.

It’s appeared on flags, key chains, tee shirts, social media profiles and almost everywhere else you can think of. It’s safe to say Cubs fans are excited about their team’s newfound success.

With all the hype running through the streets of the North Side, a local company has decided to contribute to the cause. Urban Gameday, a vintage tee shirt company founded in Chicago, has been selling several “W” shirts so fans can also take advantage of wearing the iconic symbol.

The reason so many shirts are selling is because they are priced so low. Urban Gameday has been running a targeted promotional sale on the “W” shirts since the start of the season and fans have been lovin’ it. The goal has been to get the “W” on as many Cubs fans as possible.

“We priced the shirts at cost, so every Cubs fan could own a W.” says founder Steve Newman.

These aren’t your average cheap tees that shrink after two washes and fade after being worn in the sun either. They’re Next Level Apparel brand tees. They specialize in providing comfort through manufacturing lightweight, soft durable cotton.

Here’s the shirt that’s been flying off the shelves:

#FlytheW Chicago blue shirtIf you watch a Cubs broadcast or attend a game in Wrigleyville, you’re likely to see several of these.

That’s not the only shirt gaining popularity from Urban Gameday either.

This Dexter Fowler shirt …


was recently tweeted by Fowler himself. This Harry Carey shirt …

Win it for Harry Chicago baseball gray shirthas also been a top seller among the North Side fans this season.

Check out this video the company recently made, also features a Cubs fan.

It’s time for everyone to fly the W, wear the W and “embrace the target” because 2016 is our year Chicago.

embrace the target chicago blue shirt

By the way, @UrbanGameday is also running a Twitter contest to win a FREE tee shirt, one of many contests they do for their followers. Give them a follow if you’re interested in winning some FREE gear, they give something away every Friday.