Chicago Bears Will Battle Packers In New Color Rush Uniforms


Fans weren’t sure how to take the new fashion attempts by the NFL in 2015 when they unveiled the “Color Rush” uniforms. In essence it was a way to create stark contrast between opponents by having them wearing just one of their uniform colors. Sounds nice in theory, but it can create a breeding ground for visceral reaction on social media ranging from Christmas references during a Bills and Jets game to ketchup and mustard shots between the Rams and Buccaneers. Now the Chicago Bears are about to enter that fray according to NFL Leaks on Twitter.

With every team playing a Thursday game in 2016, it means every team will join the Color Rush experiment. After there were some prominent rumors that the Bears might unveil an all-orange uniform, bringing back their Halloween-inspired jerseys from eight years ago, or perhaps even revive the “Stormtrooper” look of all-white, the league seems to have settled on going cold vs. warm. Chicago will wear navy blue pants and their navy blue jerseys. Contrary to popular belief, this won’t be a new look. The Bears have toyed with it before.

Chicago Bears blue on blue

The difference this time though will be their facing a team on the field who will be in the exact same situation. No doubt the Packers will look very awkward in uniforms that are yellow from top to bottom. The Rams at least had their largely blue helmets when they had to don the mustard attire for their color rush venture.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what the uniform pattern is for the Chicago Bears. What will matter is whether the men in them play well enough to win what will be a very important football game before the bye week this season. Who knows. Perhaps they might consider reviving the outfit voluntarily in the future if it lends them an extra bit of luck in topping their bitter rivals.

Erik Lambert
Brainwashed by the sports culture as a wee lad, Erik was educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College. He has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.