Here’s a photo Alshon Jeffery posted to his Instagram account two days ago.

AlshonaIt’s reportedly from a Memorial Day BBQ in Chicago, according to a cousin of the girl, and she’s been Jeffery’s girlfriend for two years. Some Bears fans were pissed because they thought this was in Miami, but apparently they were wrong.


Ironically, two years ago Jeffery got engaged, to Ari Washington. Here’s an engagement photo from

She's a catch T...

That was posted July 31, 2014, less than two years ago….

Fast forward 48 hours, and the Golden State Warriors get their asses kicked by the Cavs in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Draymond Green is in the headlines for going out of his way to pose with a “fan” after the game.

Guess who the fan was?

Was this a response to Alshon’s Instagram post?

I mean, why would Green even take that picture after a blowout loss? Overly cocky on his part or cryptic on hers? Or both?

She reportedly worked in the basketball office while Green attended the school, and a president of a PR firm, but isn’t the timing just perfect?

Could this be an underlining reason why Alshon Jeffery “isn’t happy”? Put your own conclusion together.

Either way, Ari wins this battle.