I knew this moment was going to come.

Here’s the thing, I don’t care that John Lackey gave up a home run to a backup catcher. Pitchers give up home runs, whatever. I don’t care that Christian Bethancourt hit a 5, 000-foot home run. The problem is that after Bethancourt hit that solo home run that won the game for the San Diego Padres Wednesday night he admired it as he should have because it was a fucking moonshot.

The Cubs are the best team in baseball and you bet the opposition is going to any chance they get to celebrate any bit of success they have against the Cubs. It’s all part of what Joe Maddon talked about in Spring Training when the “Embrace The Target” talk began. After Bethancourt’s home run, Lackey was obviously pissed and cameras caught him yelling at the Padres’ player, “You better fucking run!”

Here’s why that’s so damn ridiculous and hypocritical.

You can’t be the guy bitching about guys having fun when you’re a member of the Chicago Cubs, a team that celebrates every win with a dance party. The team that probably has the most fun in MLB. All those things are fine and so is Bethancourt admiring his blast.

I wonder, does Lackey yell at Anthony Rizzo when he hits a home run and stands at home watching it? Does Lackey tell Javier Baez to stop hopping around after hitting a walk-off home run? Dexter Fowler does a little skip before he trots around the bases after hitting a home run. Does that set off Lackey too? C’mon dude, it’s not that big of a deal that a guy does the exact same thing your teammates do.

And it doesn’t matter that Bethancourt only has five career home runs and only three this season. For some reason Lackey uses that as an excuse for getting mad.

And what the hell does that mean? “He’ll learn.” What, is Lackey going to hit him the next time the Cubs play the Padres? Is that going to teach him a lesson?

But again, the main point is, you can’t be that guy when you’re on the Cubs, the team that does the exact same thing every game.

Anyway, the Cubs lost twice yesterday and for some reason fans are freaking out about it or something. Calm the fuck down too.

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