If you haven’t heard about the new vintage tee shirt company in Chicago called “Urban Gameday, ” prepare to be amazed. Specializing in unique designs inspired by years of shopping in the thrift store, this company has created a legendary tee shirt.

Featuring the character Steve Lattimer from the best football movie ever made, this “starting defense” tee is downright naughty.


Please tell us you’ve seen the movie!?

If not, here’s a small taste of “The Program, ” again the best football movie ever made.


According to their owner, the company has already sold hundreds of these “starting defense” tees and they’re very popular locally. The company started in Chicago and has been slangin’ shirts to fans since 2015.

Urban Gameday does more than movie tees though, they’ve also got some other hilarious Chicago designs. Like this Adam LaRoche tee.


You know you laughed, if not. Grab a “yeast mode” tee.


Their products are hilarious and they’re from Chicago, pretty cool company. It was founded by a guy named Steve Newman last year and these unique tees have been flying off the shelves ever since.

Originally started as a hobby, Urban Gameday had a huge surge in demand after releasing their “We Are Good” and “Monsters of the Midway” designs. Their “72-10 Don’t Mean A Thing Without A Ring” shirt was also very popular at the United Center this season.

You may have heard of them before, they used to be called “Chitown Tees” but re-branded to target fans looking for unique shirts to wear when attending sporting events.

If you don’t believe us, give it a shot. Buy that “Bring Your Kid To Work” tee and wear it to a White Sox game, watch how many people ask you where you got it.

Here’s another popular seller, “Embrace The Target”.


If you’ve ever gone to the thrift store in search of old school designs, you need to look at what Urban Gameday is creating. Not only are their designs unique, but their shirts are top quality. A 60% combed ring-spun cotton tee, with 40% polyester… to simplify, they are soft as hell and won’t fade.

With the summer quickly approaching, it’d be smart to pick a few of these tees up. Urban Gameday is currently running a promotion for FREE SHIPPING when you buy two or more. You know you’ll be at least one or two Chicago sporting events this year.

Warning, these shirts are not for everyone. They are for the fans looking to be different, draw a little attention to themselves and likely provide a laugh or two along the way for others that see it.

Ok last one, “Win It For Harry” … That’s something we can get on board with.

Check out their website at UrbanGameday.com to see all the shirts this company makes. You’ll be happy you did, especially if you’re heading out to a game anytime soon.

Nothing Beats Gameday. 

Urban Gameday was founded in 2015 by Steve Newman. They can be reached at contact@urbangameday.com if needed, but their product speaks for itself.