Michael Jordan Crying Memes Took Over The Internet Last Night


Who didn’t see this coming?

There he was last night at the NCAA Championship game to watch his beloved North Carolina Tar Heels…the man, the legend, the GOAT, Michael Jordan.

I’m sorry…for those of you youngsters that may be reading this who think Steph Curry is the greatest basketball player to ever live, you may know him as this guy.

Throughout the night, Jordan looked to be having a great time watching a great basketball game. He even took some time to speak with Craig Sager.

And then this happened.

And even though Jordan gave Kris Jenkins his props…

…we all knew that the Michael Jordan crying memes would start flying like crazy…and that’s exactly what happened. Here’s a few of the best from a crazy night.

I know there’s probably a million more like this out there. If you’ve got one that I missed, please feel free to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.