There are ways to figuratively throw away a game and then there are literal ways to throw away a game. For Burrillville High School (R.I.), they chose the literal route. And the game just happened to be the state championship game.

Up by a point on Chariho High School with four seconds to go in the Division III state title game, a Burrillville player intercepted an inbounds pass and did what a lot of us would do in that situation. He threw the ball in the air. The problem is he didn’t throw it high enough for time to run out. As you’ll see in the video below, the ball is caught by a Chariho player, who promptly calls timeout. However, the final buzzer still sounds and Burrillville thinks they’ve won the state title and go through all of the motions of winning a state title: storming the court, the pileup, etc.

Notice that the officials confer in the background as Burrillville celebrates. A second is put back on the clock and…well, just take a look.