With all the reporting involving Patrick Kane, his past, and the alleged rape this summer – a crazy story has been posted to Reddit about him. For those of you not familiar, Reddit is one of the most popular blogs in the world where people can anonymously speak out about any topic they choose.

Sports Mockery is simply reporting this story to make people aware of it. The validity of these claims, along with specific details, will be investigated further to try and provide clarity. If this is false, we will find out.

For now, here is the story in the form of screenshots from Reddit. People have pointed out that the Blackhawks may have been on a plane during this time, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Others have mentioned a fan fiction site that Toews and Kane could be a subject of. Again, nobody is quite sure yet.

It all started with a tweet from Sarah Connors, then spread to the Blackhawks beat writers.

(WARNING: Contains some graphic information)

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